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Website Design and Support

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There are many people building websites but the initial launch of your website is just the beginning of the process. MIP Websites will provide advice and support to help you grow your website and keep it current making it possible for you to own a website with little impact on your time.

Every website we design and build comes with our Maintenance and Support service. When updates are required or things go wrong – simply contact us.


Typically, the first question we are normally asked is how much is the cost of a website. We are not trying to avoid the question but website size and design complexity can vary enormously. As an guide a basic website with five pages and one Contact Us form would costs £310 in the first year – including hosting and one year’s support. However, please complete our simple Free Quote form to get a better idea of costs for the website you have in mind.

Getting Started

If this is a completely new venture or a re-branding we can offer advice regarding Domain Names which are an important part of your website and email addresses and will form your business identity.

Once you have purchased your domain name we can set up hosting space and email accounts (if hosting is purchased from us) and start on the framework for the site.

We offer a site authoring service where we can provide all of your site content or we can work using a blend of your input and ours. This can be a great time saver for you, but if you want to supply all of your content, that is fine. We will simply edit this raw information to make it suitable for web publication.

Maintenance and Support

After launching your website it is very important that the content is kept current and the inevitable software revisions are applied. Initially you may have many questions – “how do I do this?” and “how do I do that?” – we will happily provide any training you may need, update the content for you and maintain the site’s software.

This is why we include this “safety net” service which is defined in our Terms and Conditions. The cost of this service is built into any quote we provide and is NOT an additional cost.


We only build Dynamic Websites using the WordPress platform, probably the most popular open source code CMS in the world. Additionally, given the need to display your content on any device (phone, tablet, laptop, etc.) all of the sites we create will be a Responsive Design (often called Mobile Friendly).

Provide us with your site’s rough details and we can then supply a Free Quote which will give you a much better idea of costs.

Useful Information

Domain Names

Domain Names Explained

We recommend that you buy your own domain name as this gives you complete control and independence where your site is hosted and ultimately over the website design company, whoever that may be!

Hosting Space

Hosting Space - What is it?

With our sites we provide a hosting package to suit the requirements of the site design. However if you would like to buy your hosting space from another supplier we are quite happy for you to do so.

Dynamic Websites

Dynamic Websites – What are they?

Dynamic websites, often referred to as a Content Management System (CMS), have the advantage that you can edit your own site using software similar to Word, because of this the CMS is fast becoming the most popular site design.

Responsive Design

Responsive Design – What is it?

Today websites are viewed on a much wider range of devices with screen sizes that vary enormously and are navigated using finger gestures as well as a mouse. Therefore many websites are changing to a Responsive Design, also known as Mobile Friendly.