Terms & Conditions

Keeping it fair and simple

When you use any of our services we want the experience to be fair and simple to understand. This cannot be done without a few terms and conditions so that we each know what is expected from the other. Please read the following carefully. Before we commit to any contract with you, we will ask you to confirm that you have read our terms and conditions and that you agree with them.

  1. We (MIP Websites) will not reproduce current copyrighted materials unless you (the customer) are the owner of the copyright or have express written permission from the copyright owners. You are solely responsible for the legality of all materials and content supplied to us. By accepting and using our services, you pledge that any and all materials and content supplied to us for whatever reason in no way infringes on any copyright, trademark, patent, or other proprietary rights, and complies with all applicable UK laws related or subject to written, audio and visual materials.
Estimated costs:
  1. Before we begin a project we will provide free of charge a preliminary rough estimate of total costs based on our understanding of your requirements.
  2. Before we formally accept a project we will provide free of charge a second estimate of total costs based on our understanding of your requirements. This estimate may be the same as the preliminary estimate.
  3. Figures used in the preliminary estimate and the formal estimate will be valid for a period of 14 days.
  4. If you accept our formal estimate and the project proceeds, during the lifetime of a project we will advise you of any changes to the estimate.
Travel Costs:
  1. A travel cost of £0.40 per mile will be added for road miles from (i.e. return is included in this figure) our office address (RG12 2JZ) to where you want us to travel (note we use Google Maps and postcodes to calculate the distance from our office). Please note that travel costs are in addition to any other costs we quote.
Website content:
  1. The options for generating website content are: you supply all of it; using our authoring service we supply all of it; or a blend of the two.
    • We will happily adapt and edit content you supply, with your agreement, to make it suitable for website publication.
    • If you want to leave producing website content to us or use a blend of input, you must make this clear at the start of the project.
    • If you decide to use a blend but you are unsure of how much you want us to input we will, based on the size of the project, add an estimate for authoring and stock photos which will be adjusted in the final invoice.
Offensive material:
  1. We will not work with any subject or content we feel is offensive. If you supply subject or content material that we judge to be offensive we will terminate any contract we have with you.
Delivery of any material (where applicable):
  1. Standard delivery will be via 1st class recorded delivery, which requires a signature. Alternatively, subject to prior agreement, you can collect directly from our office address. Please note that postage and packing costs are in addition to any other costs we quote.
  1. For our website designs we expect to place a small amount of advertising in the footer of each page along the lines of “Website produced by: MIP Websites” where MIP Websites is a link to our website.
  2. If you are not willing to do this we are happy to remove the link for a fee of £36 per year to compensate for loss of advertising exposure.
Website Design Payment:
  1. Before we begin work we will ask you to pay a non refundable “Project Acceptance” Fee, which is part of the overall website costs. This is based on 35% of the formal estimated website design and build costs.
  2. If you choose to use one of our hosting packages we will include the cost on the “Project Acceptance” invoice.
  3. On completion of the design we will demonstrate the site the site where you can view it using your normal browser (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, etc.). On your acceptance of the completed product we will invoice you for outstanding design and build costs plus the first year Maintenance and Support Service fee. Once we receive payment we will then activate the site or upload the site to your hosting space if it has been built in alternative hosting space.
Website Maintenance and Support:
  1. With any website we design and build we supply a Maintenance and Support Service. This service provides support for any associated web or e-mail issues you may have.
  2. The Maintenance and Support Service entitles you to 24 free minor changes to your website.
    • We define minor as text edits or single image edits.
    • Major changes, such as additional pages start with a minimum charge of £30.
  3. Additionally the first year’s Maintenance and Support Service provides training, showing you how to make minor changes plus how to add Posts to your CMS.
    • If, after the first year, you select to edit the site yourself we will reduce the Maintenance and Support Service to a minimum of 50% of the original fee, dependent on how often you call on our support.
    • If you decide not to edit the site yourself the Maintenance and Support Service original fee will be unchanged.
  4. We will calculate the Maintenance and Support Service fee based on the number of site construction elements (essentially how complex the site is). In the first year you will be invoiced for this fee at launch.
  5. Each year, on the anniversary of site launch, we will send you a hosting plus Maintenance and Support Service renewal e-mail with an attached invoice. You will have 14 days to settle the invoice. At the end of 14 days if you have not settled the invoice we will send you one reminder e-mail. If at the end of one calendar month from the date we sent the renewal e-mail you have still not settled the invoice we will:
    • disable your website. Two weeks after the date we disabled the site we will delete the site. We do not accept any responsibility for any data lost.
  1. You are entitled to the Multiple Product Discount if you have multiple websites with us. We will apply a 10% discount to the hosting and the Maintenance and Support Service fee. 
  2. If we find that you are a low user of the Maintenance and Support Service we will apply a discount of 10% – 50% to your fee. This will be in addition to Multiple Product Discount (if applicable).