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Most hosting providers will either install WordPress for you or they have an “app” that will make the installation very easy. But what happens next?

If you do not keep your WordPress and associated plugins up to date you will not benefit from new feature releases, you may have compatibility problems and any security problems will not be plugged which will leave your site vulnerable to hacking.

If you have the time and the technical skills to manage backups and the many software updates then you won’t need this service.

Ownership Demands!

The core WordPress files are updated frequently. As a result the makers of WordPress plugins and templates then need to update their software. Applying the updates can be a simple process but there is a risk of incompatibility problems. Therefore it is vital that before any update is started that files and database have been backed up. The obvious next question is if the updates have caused a problem how do you apply the backup that you have made? If you do not have the technical skills – this is where things can go from bad to worse!

We are not trying to put anyone off from having a website nor using WordPress as their platform but the reality of owning a website and running the background aspects are often overlooked or underestimated.

What We Will Do

  • A standard installation of WordPress and the installation of two free plugins: Wordfence and BackUpWordPress. You are welcome to add any other plugins or templates you wish.
  • We will set up email for you – if required.
  • At least twice a month we will check your site for any software updates that need to be applied.
  • BackUpWordPress will be set to automatically backup your site and database on a daily basis to a hidden folder in your hosting space. Once a month, for further insurance, we will save to Google Drive a backup of your site files and database.
  • In the event of a backup needing to be reloaded we will do this for you.
  • You are free to contact us for advice about any aspects of the hosting or your website.

What You Do

  • Understand how to use WordPress – perhaps we can help see our Coaching Service.
  • Design of the blog/website such as: the site’s look and feel, navigation.
  • All site content – e.g. adding words, images video or any other content.
  • Adding any services such as: MailChimp, PayPal, Eventbrite, etc.
  • Adding any other functionality that may require plugins such as Contact Forms, Galleries, Sliders, etc.
  • Statistics and Search Engine Optimisation.


£108 per year – this fee includes hosting and background support

Note: this service can only be used with the hosting space we provide.

If you are interested or have any questions: