Helping Hand Services

Website design can be confusing and frustrating. Inexperenced early decisions can prove costly. We have been there, done that and have several t-shirts! Perhaps we can help with just a short phone call.

Helping Hand Advice

Helping Hand Lite

Sometimes you just need a chat with someone who understands why a website behaves the way that it does. Or maybe you need some advice on domain names and hosting space. Give us a call and perhaps we can help resolve the problem or steer you towards or away from a decision that we have made in the past.

A chat over the phone will cost you nothing and may save you many hours of searching for a solution.

We do not promise to solve the problem as website problems are many and varied. We are happy to listen and provide the best advice we can.

We have a few customers that have been “held to ransom” over decisions they made when building their first websites – we are against this type of behaviour from designers and hosting companies. We can help you in avoiding these pitfalls.

Costs: FREE
If you are interested: Get In Touch

Helping Hand Pro

Helping Hand Pro

If you have purchased your own domain name we can get you up and running in a few hours.
We will:

  • Set up a tailored installation of WordPress and install two free plugins: Wordfence and BackUpWordPress. 
  • Set up email for you – if required.
  • At least once a month check your site for any software updates that need to be applied.
  • Full backup of your website is included in this plan, giving you piece of mind and the ability to reload in case of any problems.
  • You are free to contact us for advice about any aspects of the hosting or your website.

Costs: £108 per year
This fee includes hosting and background support.
Note: this service can only be used with the hosting space we provide.

If you are interested: Get In Touch