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We are a Berkshire website design and support company specialising in the use of WordPress, an open source software programme used by many millions of individuals and companies.

We offer three main services that can be used in any combination. A build your own website helping hand service. Coaching in the use of WordPress. Finally a website design, maintenance and support service.

If you want to build and run your own blog/website but need some professional help to get started – we can do that. We can provide a hosting and background support service to keep your WordPress blog/website software up to date and backed up.

If you want someone else to design, build and run a website for you because you don’t have the time and/or the expertise – we can also do that.

About Us

MIP Websites is owned by Peter Munday and his wife Lori. The business has been successfully running since 2004. Peter has many years of IT experience originally within telecommunications.

We work with individuals, small to medium size businesses, organisations and charities across the UK. Working closely with our customers we ensure the highest levels of customer service and a great return on their investment in us. We offer free advice on web technology and complete support from beginning to end for any service you purchase from us.

MIP Websites owned by Peter & Lori Munday

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Helping Hand Service

Helping Hand Service

Buy your own domain name and we will provide hosting and do a standard WordPress install for you – we will also set up your email if required. Once you are up and running we will run a background support service ensuring you have backups and all software is up to date.

WordPress Coaching

WordPress Coaching

We have many years of experience with WordPress. If you want to turbo charge your understanding of WordPress or you simply need a refresher session we offer a range of options.

Website Design & Support

Website Design and Support

We will tailor a design based on your requirements and explain important design decisions as the project progresses. Once your site is up and running we will provide a full training and support service.

Our Current Website Designs

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