The Adventures of a Most Affable Hound

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I have been working with Peter on my blog for a year now and his help has proved invaluable: I wanted to begin writing a blog as a diversion from work, however I knew nothing about creating one, let alone managing and developing one.

With Peter’s help and expertise I am now the proud owner of a blog, which I can update and add to as and when I have the time. His practical knowledge along with his calm and logical demeanour are a perfect combination, allowing my creative side to be tempered when necessary and channelled in the right direction.

He is generous with his time, approachable and perhaps most importantly of all patient. He teams his technical ‘know how’ up perfectly with your creativity producing the results you are looking for without you wasting time and money heading in the wrong direction.

Peter really is the answer to your technical conundrums, and I recommend his services highly.