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Domain Names Explained

Also see information on hosting.

This is an important part of the website (and your email). This is the identity by which your customers will know you. Think long and hard before you commit to a name or names.

A domain name is a sign that you can use to point to your business website wherever it is hosted. If someone enters your domain name in their browser from anywhere in the world the connection will be made across the Internet to your website page.

You never own a domain name it is always rented so if payment is not kept up then it goes back on the market.

The process of buying a domain name is very simple and cheap even when you buy the more expensive Top Level Domains (TLDs) like a .com.

We would recommend that you purchase your domain name from companies like:

However there are many more to choose from. Typical costs for a domain name is around £7 per year and a .com around £11 per year.